STEM Careers That Would Help Solve Air Pollution

A job that would help prevent Air Pollution is a job in Environmental Planning and Design. The main goal of a program in Environmental Planning and Design is to merge environmental concerns with human desires and needs. The nuances involved in finding a balance between nature and the needs of mankind are multitudinous. Often economic demands may win out, but one must remember that those economic demands may change over time as well. What this generation considers a nuisance or unsightly may be the next generation’s future; for example, a highly polluted lake may be turned into a sight-seeing development area with well-planned restoration efforts. Typical coursework should include basics of design, landscape planning, rural and urban development. Fundamental environmental classes should cover basics of ecology and hydrologic systems and water movement. Specialty classes may be in anthropological areas, sociology, interior design, historic design, preservation, restoration, and land management, to name a few. International programs may be available. After you graduate with this degree, You could go into city or municipality planning, restoration and rehabilitation work, international development work with a group such as the Peace Corps, landscape architecture, historic preservation, interior design, just to name a few. You could work for The National Park Service, US Forestry Service, Department of Commerce, the Environmental Protection Agency, and many others. Many architects, designers, and environmental consultants also work for themselves, setting their own schedules and accepting jobs in their specific field of expertise.


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