How You Can Help the Improve Air

They’re people everywhere that want to help the air with air pollution that don’t know how. Well they’re many ways that you can help the air such as:

  1. Electric and hybrid vehicles are the best way to slow emissions into the atmosphere. If enough people can do this than we will slow down the carbon emission increase drastically.
  2. There is a problem going on in our atmosphere. The ozone layer in our atmosphere has 2 holes in it. These holes are located on each pole of the planet. This is only going to get worse as pollution continues. The hole in the ozone layer gets wider every year. In the few recent years there has been a drawback in the increase of size in the hole, however it is still getting bigger. The only way to stop this is to limit the amount of greenhouse gasses that we release into the atmosphere.
  3. Cut back on the amount of packaging you purchase and the amount of household waste you produce. The process of manufacturing packaging releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere, so patronize brands that use as little packaging as possible.
  4. Cars and trucks are responsible for around half of the air pollution in the world. The best way to approach a reduction in vehicle-related air pollution is to drive less and exercise smart driving habits. One way to cut air pollution is to take fewer trips in a car or truck.
  5. The home, yard, and office are common places where products containing harmful smog-forming chemicals are used. Preventing this type of air pollution is achieved by selecting water-based products or items that possess low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When painting, you should choose water-based paints with labels containing the words, “zero-VOC.” Instead of using a sprayer (which increases the spread of harmful chemicals), painting with a brush is suggested.

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